Clipped summarizes anything into bullet points and infographics through the power of AI.

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The power of natural language.

Intelligent NLP Engine.

Clipped is based on our patent-pending NLP engine for modeling grammatical patterns + data-mining.

Read the news lightning fast.

Our tech extracts the most important info and generates a beautiful bullet-point + infographic summary.

Powerful Machine Learning Tech.

Our AI technology + learning algorithms have been trained to extract relevant information. Powerful stuff.

An Intelligent News Reader.
Discover content and immediately read a smart summary of an article with a single click. Browse based on categories curated from several top news sources. Need to find something specific? Use search to find news based on keywords.

Reading on the iPhone has never been easier.

Swipe right for categories. Search for specific content. And as always - you're one click away from an informative summary. The app is designed with simplicity in mind. We have multiple infographic types that help elucidate that main point of an article.


Tanay Tandon, Founder and CEO

Tanay founded Clipped in the summer of 2012 as a high school sophomore. He developed the Natural Language technology, and researched the grammatical analysis patterns for information retrieval. As a debater, Tanay found the process of reading evidence files unnecessarily long. Thus, he began work on a data-mining project to extract the most relevant information. He works day-to-day on the algorithm and further improvements on the technology.

Sudhir Setia, Advisor

Sudhir is a management consultant at Google and has an MBA from London Business School.

Erik Villegas, iOS

Erik worked on the front-end iOS client, implementing designs for the iOS news reader. He loves working on clean, well-designed apps and is a dog-lover and general tech enthusiast.

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